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Automated Teller Machine (ATM)

The ATM Switch service connects all ATM terminals in Bahrain together enabling all Bahraini debit card holders (customers) to withdraw or enquire about the account balance using any ATM in Bahrain. The ATM switch has 24 member banks where TBC processes the ATM financial settlement among all the banks through Central Bank of Bahrain RTGS system and provides the required reconciliation reports to all member banks.

Point of Sale:

BENEFIT connects all of the Point of Sale (POS) terminals available in the major retail shops and outlets in the Kingdom. Through the national network of The BENEFIT Company, all banks customers are able to pay for their purchases in Bahrain using their debit cards (ATM) without the need for them to carry cash in their pockets.


The BENEFIT Company, as Bahrain’s national switch, in cooperation with CBB and the national switches of the gulf formed the GCCNet – the gulf financial network – in 1999. The service started by connecting all ATM terminals in the GCC region with each other enabling all GCCNet debit card holders to use any ATM in the GCC for cash or balance enquiry transactions. The GCCNet has also been extended to include regional markets such as Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt. The latest GCCNet service is the GCC POS which enables GCCNet cardholders from using their debit cards on any POS terminal in the region. Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar are currently the first to launch such service; while the rest of the GCC shall join later.

Amex Cash Withdrawal:

The BENEFIT Company is a strategic partner of American Express – an international credit and charge card issuing Company. BENEFIT enables all American Express card holders from withdrawing cash using any ATM in Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and Oman.

Tele Bill Payment:

BENEFIT’s Tele Bill Payment service provides both the telecom companies and their customers’ convenient means of payments. Via using BENEFIT’s national network customers are now able to pay their due bills using their debit cards at the various kiosks distributed in the Kingdom along with the web payments available online.

Direct Debit:

Direct Debit (DD) allows banks, merchants, and customers to automate the process of regular due payments. It allows multiple debit transactions at the same time. Typical payments settled via DD are utility payments, telephone bills, credit card and loan installments, school fees, mortgage, etc. DD allows all parties to substantially cut their cost and process the payment more efficiently when compared to other payment methods such as cash, cheque, credit card, or standing orders.

Payment Gateway:

BENEFIT’s Payment Gateway is an online payment solution enabling merchants, corporations and government entities to process and settle online credit and debit card (ATM) payments via any electronic channel with protection and integrity. Further on, it provides secure and reliable real-time payment processing which can be integrated to other channels such as websites, IVR, kiosk, call center, mobile devices and batch processing. Even more, the payment gateway allows all of that in a secure and protected environment from any fraud or misuse.

Internet Banking Shared Platform:

The BENEFIT Company developed a shared infrastructure for the internet banking facilities with high security and customer confidentiality measurements while significantly cutting cost. The infrastructure is ready to activate the service with any bank. BENEFIT’s internet banking infrastructure allows many banking services to be processed online such as detailed statements of transactions, utility payments, fund transfers, amend account details, cheque book requests, stop installments, stop ATM and credit cards, and many others. Further on, it also enables multi currency transfers within the same bank and to other banks in and outside of Bahrain.

GCCNet Dispute Management System:

BENEFIT plays a major role in the electronic transactions market locally and regionally and hence is considered to be the hub of the regional dispute claims via hosting the GCCNet Dispute Management System website. The GCCNet Dispute Management System enables interbank claims and settlements of the ATM cash withdrawals disputes between the GCC countries to be managed in an efficient effective manner assuring fast settlements of customers disputed claims.

Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau:

Managing risk is becoming more and more important to financial institutions; whereas financial institutions need to be highly aware of their credit risk while maximizing the efficiency of their cost. For such, the BENEFIT Company provides the banking industry with Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau which helps the financial institutions manage their risk by obtaining credit information and background of their customers (individual and corporate). Possessing such critical information enables the financial institutions to make solid and informative decisions when offering credit facilities.

Bahrain Cheque Truncation System:

Bahrain Cheque Truncation System (BCTS) is another value adding service that the Company offers to the financial market in Bahrain. The BCTS is an electronic system that exchanges the electronic image of the cheques between the banks rather than the exchange of the physical cheques where it enables corporate and individuals of settling their clearing cheques in the same business day. Such service shall enhance the efficiency of the cash flow in the Kingdom and accordingly help in boosting the overall economy and businesses.