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Mr. Mohamed Ebrahim Albastaki
Chairman (Independent Director)
Mr. Ahmed Abdulrahim
Vice Chairman (Executive Director)

Ithmaar Bank
Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. Tala Abdulrahman Fakhro
Non-Executive Director
Economic Development Board
Executive Director, Market & Strategy Intelligence 
Dr. Adel Abdulla Salem
Executive Director
General Manager, Retail Banking 
Ms. Umkulthoom AlAbbasi
Executive Director
Ahli United Bank
Group Head – Banking Technology
Mr. Khaled Abi Khalil
Executive Director

Standard Chartered Bank
Chief operating Officer
Mr. Abdulrazaq Abdulkhaleq
Non-Executive Director

Ms. Hadyah Mohammed Fathalla
Independent Director
Mrs. Sawsan Abulhassan
Independent Director
Mrs. Muna Ali AlHashemi
Independent Director
Mr. Yousef Rashid Al Fadhel
Central Bank of Bahrain Observer

Central Bank of Bahrain
Executive Director, Corporate Services