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Tap And Go Campaign Terms and Conditions

  1. Campaign will be started from 29/10/2020 until 03/01/2021.
  2. Eligible transactions participated in the raffles will not be excluded from the same campaign until the last raffle draw.
  3. Each customer paying using BenefitPay service Tap And Go or QR scan to pay to purchase at any merchants accepting BenefitPay with an accumulative transactions value of BD 10.000 is entitled to enter the raffle with one chance for each BD 10 spent/paid using BenefitPay.
  4. Only the transactions executed between 29/10/2020 and 03/01/2021 shall be entitled to enter the draw.
  5. In case the customer didn’t collect the prize within 6 months from the announcement date; the Customer has no right to claim the prize. The prize shall be transferred to MOICT.
  6. Total number of prizes are 42 prize with total value of BD 10000. (Cash Prizes BD 1000 X 2 and Cash Prizes BD 200 X 40)
  7. All Benefit staff, including their spouses and children’s will be excluded from the raffles.
  8. All benefit subsidiary staff (SINNAD) including their spouses and children’s will be excluded from the raffles.
  9. Winners will be excluded during the same raffles. However, they will participate in the next raffles during the same campaign.
  10. The results of draws are deemed final unless it is found that any of the winners is not entitled to the prize because he / she is not eligible to take part in the draw or for any other reason after the informing and getting the approval from MOICT.
  11. The BENEFIT Company reserves the right to use the winners’ name and photographs in all current/future promotional, advertising, and marketing material and/or communications.
  12. Prizes shall be delivered after proper identification and due acknowledgement.
  13. All draws will be held under the supervision of MOICT and in the presence.