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What is Direct Debit?

BENEFIT introduced Direct Debit (DD) to the market as part of its continuous efforts towards the development of the financial community in Bahrain. DD is an efficient automated process of collecting and settling regular due payments. In summary, DD allows bill originators to collect multiple payments at once, thus substantially cuts cost and processes payments more efficiently when compared to other payment methods such as cash, cheque, or standing orders.

Areas of application.

Many of the regular payments can be settled via DD such as follows:

  • Utility payments
  • Telephone bills
  • School fees
  • Cable subscription
  • Credit card and loan installments
  • Mortgage
  • Insurance
  • Etc..

Features and benefits.

DD provides individual and entities with significant advantages such as follows:

  • Eliminates time and effort of the regular payments.
  • Faster, flexible and reliable bulk payments.
  • Ease of payments collection, settlement and reconciliation.
  • Cuts operating cost.
  • Regulate the bulk payments in Bahrain in an efficient and effective manner.

Current list of bill originators.

  • Batelco
  • Zain
  • Bahrain Credit
  • Allianz
  • t'azur
  • Electricity and Water Authority
  • Kumon Bahrain
  • Orbit
  • Equinox Computers
  • BMI Bank
  • citi

How to apply?

Visit your bill originators nearest office and ask for it.