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Benefit Company developed a shared platform for the internet banking facilities with high security and customer confidentiality measurements. The infrastructure is ready to activate the service with any local bank. Benefit’s internet banking shared platform allows many banking services to be processed online such as detailed statements of transactions, utility payments, fund transfers, amend account details, cheque book requests, stop installments, stop ATM and credit cards, and many others. Further on, it also enables multi currency transfers within the same bank and to other banks in and outside of Bahrain.

Why Internet Banking?

In our contemporary world, technology is developing at a very fast pace and it is important to follow up with it or else be left behind. People are preoccupied with loads of tasks and don’t have enough time for them all. One is overcommitted to work, family and friends, and is struggling to manage all at once. Internet Banking allows customers to conduct their business transactions at their own convenience and at any time. Therefore, not only will the bank be able to better serve their customers yet it will also be able to eliminate customer traffic at branches, save time and cut cost.

Advantages of outsourcing Internet Banking to the BENEFIT Company.

  • Lower investment of resources such as cost, time, and effort.
  • State-of-Art Internet banking solutions.
  • Eliminate customer and transaction operations.
  • Shorter implementation time (3-4 months only).

Unique added value services.

  • Fraud detection monitoring for all transactions.
  • Intelligent Authentication tool.
  • Customer Power (Targeted Marketing tool for the Internet Banking Channel).
  • Comprehensive customer notifications.
  • State-of-Art secured data center solution with full redundancy.
  • Contingency plan with full disaster recovery site.
  • Leverage of Benefit utility payment services.
  • 10 years of experience and knowledge in the Internet Banking field.