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BENEFIT Renews its ISO 27001 Certification

Information Security is becoming more and more important in the Financial Industry. Therefore, at an international level, Financial Institutions and companies are becoming more and more reliant on implementing the best information security practices. The BENEFIT Company since 2007 has been certified with ISO 27001 information security standards. The ISO 27001 certification is an international certification of assuring proper information security adaptation. The Company on yearly basis renews its certification to be up to date and in compliance with the highest international practices. This year, as always, BENEFIT has been able to successfully renew its certification.

Mr. Abdulwahid Janahi, CEO of the Company commented that adopting the best international information security standards and certifications is vital given the sensitive services and information the Company holds. Mr. Janahi further added his personal thanks to the outstanding efforts of the Company’s staff towards enhancing and elevating the Company’s performance and role in the financial sector of Bahrain.

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