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NBAD BCTS Integration Go live

The Bahrain Cheque Truncation System (BCTS) is one of the vital value adding services of the BENEFIT Company. The BCTS has transformed the cheque clearing process dramatically from the traditional physical cheque exchange processing into an electronic image based processing. Such system has enhanced the interbank cash flow efficiency in the Kingdom, to become an indispensible service to banks, business, and individuals.

The BCTS can be easily integrated with all banks’ systems and application necessary for an efficient process and operation of the cheque clearing at the bank. Accordingly, banks are constantly seeking to enhance the operational flow of the BCTS clearing internally to provide their customers with the best and most efficient services. NBAD went live with the Integration project of the BCTS in May 2013, enabling the bank to automate the manual back office process of the BCTS. In addition to enhancing the operational flow of the cheque clearing, the integration shall minimize the manual errors of human interventions. Moreover, integrating the BCTS with the bank’s systems eliminate the redundant efforts of double posting the clearing transactions in two separate systems which provides the staff more time to concentrate more on core activities and tasks.

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