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Chief of Customs Affairs Launches e-Payment System “Fawateer”
03rd January 2017

President of Customs, Shaikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al-Khalifa announced the launch of the electronic payment “Fawateer”, a new system aimed to help clients settling all customs fees easily & smoothly. The announcement was made during the press conference which was held by the Customs Affairs Directorate, in the presence of Benefit’s Deputy General Manager Mr. Yousif Mohamed Al Nufaie.

At the outset of the conference, the President of Customs underlined the directorate’s ongoing commitment to update its systems for coping with the latest advances and trends in the customs field. He shed light on the directorate’s dedicated efforts towards easing all customs measures and services provided to clients. Additionally, he stressed that the launch of the new electronic system is meant to achieve the goals of facilitating the customs services related to the settlement of customs charges by the clearance agent or the exporter.

During the meeting, Shaikh Ahmed bin Hamad Al-Khalifa made reference to the advantages of the new system for commercial establishments & clearance agencies in terms of speed and time in finalizing the financial measures of customs clearance through three advanced methods represented in the phone banking, the bank branch, and bank electronic site, the matter which will greatly smoothen the work flow and avoid long queues for payment at outlets.

“The new system can be activated through all banks and their electronic means, with the cooperation of beneficiaries through entry of required data & licences electronically in the system called “Ofoq” prior to electronic payment”, he added. “The new process aims at achieving the goal of completing the customs work cycle efficiently & smoothly, resulting in the enhancement of efficiency and quality of commercial exchange, and attainment of key progress in the national economy in general as part of the ambitious Bahrain Vision 2030”, he continued.

Shaikh Ahmed further said that the success of the new system will largely depend on the sound application by commercial houses and clearance agencies in the first place, and their cooperation in maximizing benefits from its numerous privileges.

For his part, Benefit’s Deputy General Manager Mr. Yousif Mohamed Al Nufaie expressed Benefit’s pride in the partnership with the Customs Affairs in activating the safe direct payment services through the new national and leading electronic system “Fawateer” all over the Kingdom. “The new system will greatly enable any party whether a government agency or a private establishment to settle invoices to the Customs Affairs via the new electronic channels and the branches of all commercial banks operating in the Kingdom”, he added.

“Fawateer system is able to collect and present all issued due invoices electronically & directly to all clients of commercial banks at one place, in addition to enabling them to raise inquiries and settle invoices easily with a press of a button”, he further added.

Mr. Al Nufaie also said that “Fawateer” services can provide direct debit facility which enables agencies sending invoices to debit due amounts from the banking accounts of clients according to maturity dates directly. “The new service is a key link with clients through their commercial banks and parties sending the invoices”, he concluded.

Upon the conclusion of the conference, the President of Customs expressed thanks and gratitude to the Benefit Company and its work team, hailing their dedicated efforts in working closing with the directorate for the launch of the new service. He also thanked the clearance agencies for their cooperation during the trial phase of the new system.
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